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All Out to Berkeley City Council Meeting to Say No to Urban Shield!

May 16, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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After a great townhall on 4/17, Berkeley City Council is poised to fully withdraw the city’s participation from Urban Shield. Councilmemb ers heard the concerns of our community, and now it’s time to act! Turn out to let them know all the support there is to put and end to police militarization!

As the Trump administration continues to bear down on communities of color, Arab, Muslim and immigrant communities through harmful policies that only bolster the power of police, we know that the Bay Area has to take a definitive stand. A decision in favor of pulling out of Urban Shield by the Berkeley City Council paves the way for other cities in the Bay Area to do the same.

Date: Tuesday, May 16th. The meeting starts at 7:00pm. (The item may come up later. Stay updated by following us on Facebook and Twitter.)

Location:  Berkeley City Council  Berkeley City Council Chambers, 2134 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way between Allston and Addison (near downtown Berkeley BART)

CALL IN DAY: Monday, May 15th, all day

Call Berkeley City Council and demand that they end police militarization. Don’t live in Berkeley? We ask you to call anyway. Let the Berkeley City Council know where you are from and remind them that their participation impacts not only their constituents but people all over the country.  Here is sample call in language and contact info:

“Dear Councilperson _________,

I am writing to urge you and all Berkeley City Council memb ers to take leadership in putting an end to Berkeley’s engagement with the militarization of police and disaster preparedness represented by the annual Urban Shield exercises and weapons expo, funded by DHS through the Urban Areas Security Initiative. Urban Shield’s emphasis on SWAT teams as the response to emergencies – including natural disasters – as well as the extremely militarized scenarios, diminishes resources for responding to the ordinary emergencies community members face every day. Berkeleyshould not be participating in war games funded by the Department of Homeland Security, which involve not only nine Bay Area counties, but teams from around the United States. That is why I ask you to exercise your leadership and prohibit Berkeley’s participation in Urban Shield, and to stand with Alameda County communities, and people across the country.




  • Mayor Jesse Arreguin/ (510) 981-7100/ mayor@cityofberkeley.info
  • District 1/Linda Miao/(510) 981-7110/  lmaio@cityofberkeley.info /
  • District 2/Cheryl Davila/ (510) 981-7120/ cdavila@cityofberkeley.info
  • District 3/  Ben Bartlett/ (510) 981-7130/  bbartlett@CityofBerkeley.info
  • District 4/ Kate Harrison / (510) 981-7140 /  kharrison@CityofBerkeley.info
  • District 5 / Sophie Hahn/ 510) 981-7150 / shahn@CityofBerkeley.info
  • District 6 / Susan Wengraf / (510) 981-7160 / swengraf@CityofBerkeley.info
  • District 7/ Kris Worthington / (510) 981-7170 / kworthington@CityofBerkeley.in fo
  • District 8/  Lori Droste / (510) 981-7180 / ldroste@CityofBerkeley.info
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May 16, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm