On October 6, San Francisco Board of Supervisor members John Avalos, David Campos and Eric Mar sent a letter urging the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to discontinue funding Urban Shield. Thank you Supervisors Avalos, Campos and Mar for standing against the militarization of police and the deployment of the tools of war into our neighborhoods and for community health and well being.

During this grant cycle, we encourage Alameda County to suspend its proposals for funding for Urban Shield and instead take the opportinity to seek funding for the above-mentioned Planning and Risk Management, Medical and Public Health, Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness, and Recovery areas. As noted, UASI offers us a fair amount of latitude in how we disperse and use funding. This may include a wide range of first responder trainings as well as opportinities for first responders to collaborate with county and city institutions, along with non-governmental organizations. Discontinuing funding for Urban Shield does not foreclose on essential training, but instead allows us to invest in other UASI areas that are less tainted by controversy and community mistrust.”

Read the complete letter here.