Outreach Flyer for Sept. 8


This flyer has the information you need to turn your members out to Stop Urban Shield’s mobilization and resource fair and very basic information about the coalition and event.

Outreach Call Script for Sept. 8


This script can be adapted to turn out your members for the rally and resource fair. It has basic information about what Urban Shield is and about the Sept. 8 event.

Talking Points


These talking points were put together by the Stop Urban Shield Coalition for use at the Alameda County Urban Shield Task Force meeting on August 25, 2017. There are some basic arguments that could be good to share with your members.

Video: Testimonies from Survivors of SWAT Raids


This video is a great tool to use with members, because it shows examples of the war games that happen at Urban Shield combined with stories of people’s first hand experiences surviving SWAT and special forces raids.

Letter of Opposition to Urban Shield to Alameda County Board of Supervisors from Anakbayan East Bay


This letter to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors was one of dozens of letters submitted by community organizations expressing their opposition to the continued participating in and funding for Urban Shield. In this letter, Third World Resistance member organization, Anakbayan East Bay, lays out some of the arguments used with Bay Area politicians to persuade them to divest from Urban Shield and invest in emergency responses that support rather than fracture communities.

Lessons to Learn about Urban Shield from TWR Political Education


This document from Center for Political Education lays out a few connections between the topics that TWR has covered in the political education sessions it did this summer.

Stop Urban Shield Report—Urban Shield: Abandoning Hope, Not Building Hope


This report was created by the Stop Urban Shield Coalition to help break down what Urban Shield is, how Urban Shield is funded, who has decision-making power over it, and how communities could respond to emergencies without Urban Shield.

If you don’t want to read the whole report, here are a few useful things you could pull out:

on pg. 8 there is a graphic showing how the funds from which Urban Shield is paid for get used—you’ll see that nearly all of the $6million goes to Urban Shield, while $0 goes to medical and public health, $0 goes to emergency planning and community preparedness, and $0 to recovery.

on pgs. 9-10, there are examples of community programs already at work that do some of the training that responds to emergencies in the communities without any of the resources dedicated to Urban Shield.

Power Point Presentation to the Urban Shield Task Force by Tash Nguyen and John Lindsay-Poland of the Stop Urban Shield Coalition


This powerpoint was put together by members of the Stop Urban Shield Coalition who participate in Alameda County’s Urban Shield Task Force to help explain some of the problems with continuing to support Urban Shield. It’s based on the Stop Urban Shield report, is very detailed and includes information about the Stop Urban Shield Coalition, the impacts of Urban Shield, information about the funding streams that support Urban Shield, SWAT deployments in the Bay Area.

If you don’t want to read the whole report, here are a few useful things you could pull out:

Slide 7 draws out connections between the Trump regime and Urban Shield

Slides 11 and 12 break down who is impacted Urban Shield-trained SWAT deployments on people of color